CTO Community

In case you weren't aware, CTO not only stands for Chief Troll Officer but also symbolizes Community Take Over. The community is the heartbeat of our project. Within our Telegram group, a central hub for project updates, dynamic discussions, trolling challenges, and interactive games like Troll Rekt, we foster an environment where every community member plays a vital role. Regular Voice Chats (VCs) with the development team enhance transparency, strengthening the bond between the project and its community. Transparency has been foundation to CTO's success, even from its inception. Marked by a unique challenge—the departure of the original dev and team within the first 24 hours. Despite this early hurdle, our community's resilience and commitment have been remarkable. Our Our due diligence was done, ensuring no original team wallets would stand in our way!

Active participation, constructive discussions, and collaborative efforts define our community. We not only value transparency but also welcome the diverse talents and strengths of our members, fostering a collective spirit that propels CTO toward success. Join us as we continue to build a vibrant and united community that shapes the future of CTO Coin.

Our current position owes much to the invaluable contributions from the community, including artwork, memes, merch creation, video editing, connections, and the simple act of actively participating. Go Team!

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