The technology behind Troll Rekt operates on the Ethereum blockchain, aligning with the CTO token. The game pool contract on the Ethereum blockchain serves as the custodian for all CTO tokens, efficiently managing each member's deposits and withdrawals.

Users bear the responsibility for gas fees associated with depositing CTO tokens, ensuring an easy process through our decentralized application (DApp). Notably, we cover the gas expenses incurred during withdrawals, prioritizing user convenience.

Our user-friendly DApp, accessible through the Telegram bot, gives each user a unique link active for 15 minutes. Private bot messaging also simplifies the tracking of bet history and offers a comprehensive view of past wagers. Administrative commands empower our team to organize promotional events, and encourage broader community participation in utilizing the Troll Rekt game. This layout of technology ensures an engaging and transparent gaming experience within the CTO ecosystem.

The Telegram bot manages the casino tax, a mechanism enabling a modest profit for the platform. The game algorithm operates entirely on randomness, ensuring no predetermined advantage for the house. While the difficulty level can be adjusted as necessary, similar to traditional casino games, Troll Rekt experiences both hot and cold streaks. To sustain the community and support ongoing initiatives, a small tax (less than 6%) is applied to all winning bets, while losing bets are exempt from any taxation.

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