Game Description

Troll Rekt shares similarities with the concept of a "Crash" game typically found in cryptocurrency gambling platforms or Kick streams. In both games, participants make predictions and place bets on the outcome of a numerical multiplier that increases over time. The primary goal is to withdraw or "cash out" before the multiplier crashes, causing participants to lose their bets.

Similarly, in Troll Rekt, users deposit CTO tokens and predict when they believe the game multiplier will crash. As the game progresses, the multiplier increases, providing potentially higher returns for those who exit at the right moment. However, if users fail to withdraw before the crash, they lose their bet and get "rekt."

The shared mechanics of predicting and timing the multiplier's crash make Troll Rekt similar to the traditional "crash" game format. Nonetheless, Troll Rekt stands out with its unique theme, integrating the playful and humorous elements associated with trolling, creating an engaging and entertaining experience for participants. It also is right at home inside the community telegram, where the bulk of our members gather.

Below is an example of a prompt from our TrollRektBot:

Enter the enchanted realm where a mischievous troll stirs things up, aiming to get players rekt! 😱

💰To win this game, you must defy the troll's antics and cash out, escaping with your winnings BEFORE you get rekt!

📍Note: Sometimes you’ll get rekt right away and lose your bet!

📈Each instance pays out .1X

🔝Max payout is 3X

🛑Press the STOP Button to lock in your gains (get the troll rekt!)

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