In our commitment to transparency and innovation, the CTO tokenomics are designed to empower the community. Key features include:

As part of our deflationary strategy, the Troll Rekt game plays a crucial role. Profits generated will be allocated towards two things. One being marketing initiatives, and the other is implementing a token burn mechanism to contribute to the overall scarcity and value appreciation of CTO. Note that the Troll Rekt wallet, serving as the custodian of the token pool, is designated as a long-term commitment, securing a minimum of 1% of the total supply. This strategic decision mitigates significant sell pressure, providing flexibility for either eventual burning or retention within the pool. We believe this dynamic approach will not only bolster community engagement but also solidify CTO's position in the ever-evolving landscape of meme cryptocurrencies. A common concern arises regarding the funding sustainability for not just meme coin projects, but also for 0/0 tax communities and community takeovers. The worry is directly addressed by the straightforward, enjoyable, and interactive concept of Troll Rekt!

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