Profit Spending

At Chief Troll Officer, we believe in transparency and community-driven decisions. The profits generated from the Troll Rekt game are allocated with careful consideration to enhance the value and sustainability of the project. Here's how we plan to allocate these profits:

  1. Token Burning: A portion of the profits generated from the Troll Rekt game will be dedicated to token burning. This strategic measure aims to reduce the total supply of CTO tokens over time, fostering scarcity and potentially increasing individual token value.

  2. Marketing Initiatives: We recognize the importance of a strong and vibrant community. Therefore, the other portion of the game profits will be reinvested into marketing initiatives. These efforts will amplify our reach, attract new members, and contribute to the overall growth and visibility of CTO.

It is worth mentioning that the tokens, constituting at least 1% of the total supply, serve as a security for holders. These tokens will be sold meticulously and with caution to avoid impacting the chart adversely. Sales will only occur when necessary for marketing purposes. The remaining supply in the pool is a permanent fixture and is safeguarded from sell pressure, ensuring the stability of the CTO ecosystem.

By transparently outlining our profit spending strategy, we aim to align our community's interests with the long-term success and sustainability. Your participation in the Troll Rekt game directly contributes to shaping the future of our community and the value of the CTO token.

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